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Owner Title Policies & Surveys Explained

Long Form ("old style") title insurance policies exclude coverage for matters of survey, unless a current survey is performed and incorporated into the terms of the policy. Practical example of a Long Form Owner Policy–

Assume, for example, a house sits on a lot in a subdivision and someone buys the property. At closing, an owner's policy is purchased without the benefit of a current survey. If it is later determined that the house actually sits on the adjacent lot, the homebuyer would not have a valid claim under the policy because of the survey exception.

On the other hand, what if the homebuyer did have a survey performed prior to closing? In this case, coverage would depend on what the survey revealed. If the survey correctly revealed that the house was located on the adjacent lot, there would still be no coverage, since the title policy would insure only matters
undisclosed by the survey. And this would have been evident prior to the conclusion of the closing.

However, if the survey erroneously depicted that the house existed on the lot being purchased, then the homebuyer would have full coverage up to the limit of the policy, since the defect was a matter not disclosed by the survey.

That's the importance of a survey!

About Expanded Coverage Title Policies.

Title insurers have developed an improved title insurance product known as "expanded" policies which offer limited survey protection in exchange for a higher title premium. The policies generally provide limited survey coverage, even without the benefit of a current survey (or any survey at all). The limitations are issuance only for limited property types; full coverage limited to the main dwelling structure; limited or no coverage for structures other than the main dwelling unit; and deductibles and limits for certain claims. These "enhanced" policies may offer increase in coverage limits, subject to limitations, as well as other features.

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  • Many title agents will issue the highest priced policies without evaluating with the buyer the various options available to homebuyers?
  • Expanded policies are never a substitute for a current survey?
  • Title Policies may provide little to no coverage on improvements such as swimming pools, walls, carriage houses, detached garages or other improvements outside the main dwelling structure?
  • Issuance of the wrong type of policy, even when a current survey is obtained, can result in far less coverage?
  • In many cases the difference in premium between long form policies and expanded policies can exceed the cost of a new survey?

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